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As the planet Saturn is said to bring definition, discipline, order and structure, so do the mathematical odds presented in these books. They bring mathematical order out of the chaos of choosing numbers in the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games that we love to play week after week. The only relevance that Saturn has to this website, however, is its beauty. Mathematics is the basis for the lottery number strategies presented herein. (All photos of the planet Saturn on my Facebook business page, Facebook.com/saturnslotteryodds, and my website, http://www.saturnslotteryodds.com, are photos by NASA. Enjoy!)

Raise your hand if you belong to any of the following categories: (1) You never play the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries because you never win; (2) You stand in line to play, but go blank when it is your turn; (3) You unsuccessfully play everyone’s birthdays year after year; or (4) You shout out a long list of spur-of-the-moment numbers to the cashier.  If scenarios, such as the above, apply to you, then do not hesitate -- buy my book for your state. My business logo is “It’s All about the Math” and my business motto is “Focus.” There, consistently, have been Pick 3 and Pick 4 winners on my Suggestions Lists for every state and for every month!     

Whether you are a $1 a day lottery player or a more robust thrill seeker, using the suggestions from my books will increase your chances of winning Pick 3 and Pick 4. I do the math for you, and I provide the Suggestions List. You retain the fun of choosing your own numbers for yourself. Don't miss this opportunity.  All books last you a lifetime. 

Lottery Books
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Lottery Books

Become a winner at Saturn'sLotteryOdds.com with calculations and numerical strategies featured in my easy-to-understand lottery books.  I calculate for you the most favorable odds and probabilities using basic mathematics through the sum of the digits method. I also include monthly winning number suggestions. My books should become permanent reference additions to your lottery library. The books are between 31 and 50 pages in length, thus far.  They are 8 &1/2 by 11 inches. The name Saturn has been used because I am an astronomy buff. Saturn is my favorite planet within our solar system because of the beauty of its rings. Saturn has no connection with the written material or the choice of numbers in these books. No pictures of Saturn are included in the books themselves.  In fact, the books do not contain pictures. Remember: All books are valid for a lifetime of use.  

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Highlights Corner

Pennsylvania, September, 2016 - Monthly Highlights

093016 In this month’s Highlights Corner for September, 2016, I have chosen to bring us back to the east coast for a look at Pennsylvania’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings for the month of September, 2016.  I compared those actual drawings to my September Suggestions List for Pennsylvania.  There were 17 exact matches and 101 separate box matches!  There is an undeniable correlation between the actual numbers drawn and the Suggestions List.  Purchase your book today for your state and relevant time period.  It’s all about the math, and I do all of the math for you!  

Open Pennsylvania, September, 2016 - Monthly Highlights

Monthly Highlights - My Monthly Highlights Corner for  numbers shows a sensational correlation between the numbers drawn and my Suggestions List.  There are 8 exact matches and 71 box matches.  Purchase your copy today for your state and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Remember, it’s all about the math!  

Open Oregon’s August, 2016 Pick 4 - Monthly Highlights

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