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Meet Urenthea McQuinn

My name is Urenthea McQuinn. I am a retired attorney, who has a love of mathematics that I convey though my publications. Through my website, Saturn'sLotteryOdds.com, I offer lottery books involving the use of mathematics for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery strategies. I believe that my books will help you make more focused Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery choices. If you travel or work in a state other than your home state, consult the book for that state, and enjoy playing for a few dollars while there. Remember, these state lotteries are mild forms of gambling, and, like all gambling, there are no sure things or certain bets. If there were, the state would not present these games to you. On the plus side, state lottery games are not as tempting or as financially risky as casinos; moreover, state legislatures have earmarked the bulk of state lottery funds for their educational funds. Many of us have a mind for numbers, but ignore it. It is my desire to awaken your mind to some of the mathematics connected to lottery games so that you can see the better odds and probabilities that exist. I am not psychic; I have no more than the usual human intuition. Further, I do not rely upon dreams, which are comprised of randomly firing neurons while you sleep. It is all about the math, and I do all of the math for you. 


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My Easy to Understand Winning System

Mathematics and my love of numbers have helped me win numerous times, and have led to my having written these books.  You do not need to be an Einstein to understand my system. It is simple mathematics, and applies to lotteries across the United States. My books explain what odds and probabilities are, their differences, and the way to convert one to the other. They also explain the sum of the digits method to get great odds and probabilities. I have listed a total of 96 to 240 years (six months times sixteen to forty years per month) of past winning 3 digit and 4 digit numbers that possess the recommended odds by virtue of their sums.  I believe that with improved concentration and focus on the mathematics of what is occurring when you play, you can understand better and improve your odds and probabilities of winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games.


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My Goals

Thank you to those of you who have checked “Like” to each of the new and exciting photo and art changes to my Facebook business page (Facebook.com/saturnslotteryodds) and to my website (http://www.saturnslotteryodds.com).  I hope that the new photos and art inspire you to use my mathematical help for Pick 3 and Pick 4 windfalls.  Such extra money would help with outdoor spring cleanup expenses or with extra emergency money in your bank account. Don’t let this time period pass without visiting my e-commerce store, which is a part of this website.  Treat yourself to one of my timeless reference books. Each book provides years of valuable strategy for Pick 3 and Pick 4 games. I have done all of the actual mathematical work for you. You can then choose from the resulting lists of numbers that I provide. Winning numbers in straight (exact) or box (any) form are always on my lists. Remember, you still have the fun of choosing for yourself from those lists which numbers strike a chord with you.  Choose a book for yourself to enjoy in the springtime sun on your lunch hour or during your after dinner relaxation.  If you don’t see the book that you want, send me an e-mail regarding it at my business e-mail address: info@saturnslotteryodds.com.  My books present the numbers with the best odds.  It is not too late to buy the July, August and September book for your state.  After all, you can use the same book every year from now on!  

Expect a new edition to each book every two to three years.  That interval is appropriate because each book initially contains 96 to 240 years of research [16 to 40 years of research per month times 6 months (three months for Pick 3 and three months for Pick 4)].  That is certainly enough reference information to keep your mind occupied until a new edition is published.  New editions will supplant (supersede and replace) previous editions on the website.

It is my goal to introduce my winning strategies to any individual who has a desire to improve their odds and probabilities of winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games.  My books are easy to understand and user-friendly.  I invite you to play the lottery with me.

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